5 Little-Known Methods to Make Running More Interesting

Running is the core of many people’s weight loss and fitness workouts. Surprisingly, however, I am learning more and more that people find their daily run boring, uninteresting and repetitive. Here are 5 simple ways you can jazz up your run so it is more interesting and fun.

5 ways to make running more interesting. Running does not have to be boring!

1. Get a nice pair of shoes
When I got my new running shoes I found running much more enjoyable because I loved wearing my new shoes! It might seem silly but when you have something comfortable to run in you are more likely to enjoy the act of running itself.

If you are like me and like to run in the park and through the streets you need a good pair of cross-trainers. I have found that are still the best running shoe on the market and will wear them again and again until something else steps up to the plate.

2. Get a good song

The workout music section is just about the most popular section of the whole site. People love their workout music because it really makes things a lot more enjoyable and intense.

The beat of a good song can make you run faster. It can inspire you or anger you or get you really emotional. Either way, if you put a good workout playlist in your iPod you are bound to find running more enjoyable. It basically getting you fit while you relax!

3. Run with more than three people
Whenever I go for a run with more than a couple of mates we always end up pushing ourselves like crazy and ending up completely exhausted because we all tried to outdo each other. Failing that, we end up having a hilarious time joking and telling stories while we jog – so much so that I often forget I am working out. The bigger the group the better the laughs!

4. Run by the water
In my home town we have so many creeks and lakes and rivers. We even have a big river running right through the middle of the inner city. The gardens and fountains around this city river are so beautiful and peaceful, you can hardly hear any cars or trucks at all. This is a really peaceful place to go for a jog and many business men and women spend their lunch breaks going for a nice jog instead of sitting in a boring cafe somewhere.

I find running by the water extremely enjoyable. It has something tribal about it and makes me feel like I am a warrior back in ancient time training for battle. I highly encourage everyone to find a nice creek or river near your place and jog there regularly.

5. Make running the secondary aim
This is so obvious that not many people think of it. When you play tennis you do a lot of running. When you play football you do a lot of running. Why, then, do people think that weight loss or fitness running has to take the form of long winded boring jogs?

It doesn’t.

If you make winning a game of soccer your primary aim you will find that you get a lot of running done without actually having to force yourself to do it.If you can find some way to shift your attention away from the sheer amount of playing online casino (check more advices for gamblers at casinoslots.co.nz)  each day you will find it much more enjoyable.


Running is an amazing form of exercise. It is so simple yet it can have some really amazing health and weight loss benefits. If you find yourself getting a bit bored with the usual jog you should try to spice it up by changing the usual formula. The run doesn’t have to take the same shape/place/form each time.

video game

Ping Abuse In Online Games

Before I launch into an explanation of how and why your opponent’s ping does not matter at all when it comes to peeker’s advantage, let me first very briefly recommend you a rich casinio review go over Casinoslots South Africa to make sure we’re all on the same page. Ping, that number we see shown to us in online games: that’s the time it takes for a message from your PC or console to travel to the server and back. Latency is the time is takes for a message to travel on one leg of that journey, so from your device to the server or from the server to you. So latency is basically half the ping.

Times are usually shown in milliseconds. Now, how does this affect gameplay? Well, when you provide any input to the game on your device (e.g. moving your character, using your weapon or a gadget or anything else really) that input is registered on the local game client on your machine and your character performs the required action. At the same time, a message is sent to the server informing it of what you have chosen to do in your game and it will take half the time of your ping plus the processing time of up to one tick for the server to receive and understand that message.

I’m going to keep things simple in the examples going forward and leave out the processing time on the server and client and we will simply assume that they are equal for all players although of course a player running the game at a very low frame rate will have be disadvantaged compared to others but that it a whole other topic. So the message has now reached the server, is processed and then of course it needs to get sent out to all of the other players and the time it takes for the message of your original action to reach the other players is dependent on their individual latencies.

What all of this will cause is what we can think of as a ghosting effect. When you move on your device, your character as represented on the server will lag behind by half of your ping and then you will need to add half of the other players’ pings on top of that to get the time lag when compared to what they see on their PCs or consoles. Makes sense so far? Good!

I tested this in game but before I show you that, here’s a quick word from today’s sponsor! This video is sponsored by Drop, the company formerly known as Massdrop and their product, the Sennheiser PC37X gaming headset! I have owned this headset for many months now and I am still more than happy to recommend it! Sennheiser is of course known for making great quality speakers and great speakers translate into great sound quality.

Light and comfortable to wear even over long time periods, I would say that this headset is a great all in one solution for anyone looking for a mic and headphone combo but don’t just take my word for it. The item currently has a great customer rating of over 4.5 out of 5 stars. So if you’re in the market for a new headset, I can definitely recommend the PC37X and if you use the link in the description below a $30 discount will automatically be applied for you during checkout! Many Thanks to Drop for supporting the channel!

Let’s face it, playing with high ping is never a great experience. For one, silly things like this can happen: As you can see in this clip where both players have high ping, I landed a total of 5 headshots on Rook here before losing the gunfight. 100% ridiculous and what’s even worse is that in the death cam replay you can still see me supposedly shooting 5 bullets before Rook reacts! What really happened in this clip is that Rook actually fired a split second before me and since his shots were registered on the server first, all of my follow up hits were rejected and I lost the fight.

It looks really sketchy both in the live play and in the replay but actually, it worked perfectly as intended. The player that shot first (where both players have a pretty bad ping) won the fight. But how does high ping affect peeking?

Here is what it looks like to get peeked on a server where both players have a pretty high ping… I think it’s fair to say that that was pretty much an instant death; I really didn’t have any chance to react. Now let’s look at that situation in a local match where the ping of both players is 1ms… Ok, that also was pretty much instant… In fact, if we put the two clips side by side, you can see that they are virtually identical and any variance is most likely due to the human factor of me not replicating the peek perfectly across both tests…

But isn’t high ping supposed to cause a major difference in the victim’s experience due to peeker’s advantage? Well, here is where the most common misconception of peeker’s advantage comes in. The higher the ping of the peeking player, the more profound the ghosting effect on the server will be BUT this will not provide them with any advantage at all. Because we have server side hit validation, it will take just as long for the player’s shots to be registered on the server and this basically cancels out any advantage that would come from the higher ping of the peeker.

Let that sink in for a second: The ping of the peeker doesn’t matter, because any advantage in terms of the time they get to see the opponent before the server registers the peek is eaten up by the time it then takes for the shots to register. Peeker’s advantage is still a real thing but it is in fact the ping of the victim that is important here. Many seasons ago, the Rainbow Six dev team shared a visual example in a blog post and why don’t I walk you through this step by step to explain what I mean. In this example, we have player 1 (with a high ping of 200ms) peeking player 2 (who has a lower ping of 100ms). Player 1 peeks and it takes 100ms (half the ping) for the peek to be registered on the server. Then it takes 50ms (half of player 2’s ping) for the info of that movement to be sent player 2’s PC or console.

So at the time that player 2 gets to see the peek, player 1 has already been fully exposed for a full 150ms. 150ms after this, player 1 fires (we are assuming a 300ms reaction time) and it then takes 100ms for that info to reach the server. As long as player 2 manages to shoot early enough for their shots to reach the server first, they still win the gunfight and their own latency of 50ms again plays a role here. What this results in, is a window of opportunity during which player 2 can win the gunfight and that is player 1’s reaction time minus player 2’s ping. In a perfect world, we would have no delay at all and it would just be a case of whoever shoots first wins, so as long as you can aim and shoot quicker than your opponent, you’ve got this.

But since it’s all about who’s shots register on the server first, the disadvantage for player 2 comes from the 50ms it takes to see the opponent after the server has already registered the peek and then the additional 50ms it takes for player 2’s shots to register on the server. Player two is disadvantaged twice by their latency, which adds up to their ping and therefore explains the peeker’s advantage window of opportunity formula I mentioned earlier: Player two must react faster than player 1’s reaction time minus player 2’s ping.

I hope this little example helped clarify what I’m trying to get at because it was a complete revelation to me when I found out that it’s my own ping providing the opponents’ peeker’s advantage and not theirs. And consequently, there is actually no such thing as “ping abuse”… If an opponent has a very high ping, they get no advantage when peeking you but they do get a serious disadvantage when you peek them.

Any kind of peeker’s advantage you perceive against yourself is down to your ping and the processing time on the server/your machine. No more, no less. And beyond that, the disadvantage of a high ping goes even further because if you are ever in a gunfight situation where both players fire at each other at the same time on their clients, the player with the higher ping will lose, because their shots will reach the server later and if they are already marked as dead on the server, their hits will be rejected, resulting in an all-out win for the low ping player. BUT: Why is it then that we have these experiences all the time where we die without the opponent ever appearing on our screens?!

And why is it almost always against players who have a bad ping?! Maybe the answer is that those deaths are more down to perspective, than lag… Maybe we notice suspicious deaths more when the opponent has a high ping because that fits in more with the usual understanding of peeker’s advantage. I’m just guessing here of course but the fact is that in games with server side hit validation; there is no plausible reason why the peeker’s ping should provide them with any kind of benefit. And that’s it; I do hope that my little excursion into this frustrating topic has provided a little more clarity on the issue.

eve game

EVE Online: Pay 2 Win

I know this isn’t the gameplay, or the tutorial that I promised I would do after the introduction but something hit me. There’s a lot that I left out from the introduction that didn’t fit into the introduction, but at the same time it didn’t fit into the tutorial parts either. Because of that I thought I would make this video before the tutorial just explaining these things and bringing light to questions that new players might have. I’m not going to talk about all the questions new players might have about spin palace free spins so if you intereted visit Casinoslots NZ.

I’m going to start off lightly and just answer a question I get asked a lot. It doesn’t really have a yes or no answer, but I’m going to give my answer anyways. The question is: Is the game fun to play? Now, personally I would say yes. The game is really fun to play, and that’s of course biased considering I have an insane amount of time in the game.

But I don’t play the game 24/7. I can play it for a few months and then take an equally long break from it unless something is really going on that keeps me coming back and entertains me more than other games could. The question is highly dependent though, it really comes down to what you do with your time in the game, because when I first started playing I did it alone and I went down the usual mining route. I did some manufacturing but I did that for like 1 or 2 years and looking back I can’t really remember why I kept coming back to the game, why I kept logging in. But I ended up getting involved with some corporations later on, or guilds if you will, and realized that I had personally, for those 2 years, played the game completely wrong.

Because I found out I really enjoyed the social part of the game. Having somebody to fly with or just talk to someone while doing the boring stuff. I found that a lot more fun than alt-tabbing to Netflix while sitting AFK in a belt just mining asteroids for hours.

Anyways, going a bit off-topic but in short: Yes, the game is fun. Just make sure you keep it interesting and make sure you don’t let the game grow stale and, you know, burn you out. So yeah, on to the bigger questions. Now this topic I feel is a big one to cover but I’ll do my best so here we go. Every time EVE has had a free-weekend on steam, or released a new trailer, or even made it onto the news due to large-scale conflicts. News websites.

I always read comments like this: And the answer to the question is simple I feel, like yes. Now is a good time to join, every moment is a good time to join in my opinion. And with the game being Free 2 Play the only thing you’ll lose by trying it is time, so you know, if you want to try it then that’s all you have to risk. However, it’s not really the question that interests me but instead the answers given or the debate it spawns. Back in April and May I had a steam review for EVE ‘blow up’, kind of. And during that time I met a lot of potential new players with the exact same question.

But when I answered that question with the same answer I gave here I would get replies of something along the lines of this: Maybe not quite as “hostile” but this was a comment on the review I made. And this is where this topic kinda falls down a rabbit hole, because yes, older players will have more skillpoints than you. Unless you dump a whole load of cash into your character.

And yes, this can give them an advantage over you. But that’s just like the black and white answer and I feel that there is sort of a grey zone to this, and it’s a grey zone because in EVE it’s about specializing into what you want to do. A player who has been part of the game for years will have millions of skillpoints spread over many skill categories but at the same time he might have the majority of his skills in categories that don’t interest you in the slightest. Take me for example, I have a ton of skillpoints in Industry which some of you might not even be interested in. I would then hope that those skillpoints don’t matter to you as it doesn’t really give me any advantage in, let’s say PVP, if that’s your interest. So you have new players who could focus into weapon- weapon skills, ship skills and so on.

And in a few months they would surpass me mostly because I have skills only within Industry. Therefore giving them an edge in PVP over me, even though I have played for years and they recently just started playing. Now this is just an example, of course, but hopefully you get the picture. And even if my skillpoints are placed in a category that interests you it only takes you a couple of months to get on the same skill-level as a veteran player in terms of like skillpoints. But the way I choose to look at it, look at EVE in this aspect, is that there will always be somebody who is better than you because there will always be people who have played longer than you and it’s better to, instead of letting it discourage you, just try and learn from them.

Because even if you have the same skillpoint level as them doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re better than them, or vice versa. So it’s all about knowledge when it comes to game mechanics and the game itself. It benefits you just as much or maybe even more than the skillpoints you have. So to keep this short try not to obsess over how many skillpoints older players have compared to new players or you and instead just try to learn the game as you train into what you want to do.

You’ll benefit more from it and hopefully you’ll enjoy the game a bit more. So the 2nd largest question, or statement depending on who you talk to that I have heard is that EVE Online is a Pay 2 Win kind of game. And like with the previous question I feel there is a bit more to it than that. The debate whether or not EVE is Pay 2 Win has been around for a long, long time. And the most recent outburst of this was earlier this year when skill-injectors were introduced, which I will talk a bit about later on.

So using this hastily made picture you can kinda make out the process for how PLEX works. PLEX is short for Pilot License Extension and allows you to stay subscribed to the game using your ingame cash-flow in case you’re not able to do so with real money. But it also allows people who are well-off in real life to buy PLEX via the store page and sell it on the market for whatever ISK value it goes for. This is where the claims for Pay 2 Win comes into Play and just as with the last question there is a black and white answer of: Yes, this does give people with a lot of disposable income an advantage over players who doesn’t have that. But even if that is correct, which I am inclined to believe it is because ‘on paper’ it is Pay 2 Win, I still don’t feel that it’s a problem with EVE. It’s again about the knowledge of game mechanics and the ships, and the gear that you use.

You won’t see anyone who PLEX their way to riches gain a super advantage over others, except for in the size of their wallets of course. Being rich and having access to all the fancy ships and equipment doesn’t mean that you are bound to win every fight and encounter you get into. As a matter of fact, the more expensive your ship and fitting is, the more likely people are to either gank you or hunt you down, so you could argue that it’s a disadvantage to fly fancy expensive ships.

And as I mentioned earlier there is a way for you to buy skillpoints. CCP implemented this earlier this year which allowed players to extract their skills and put them on the market for other people to buy. I have only bought skillpoints a couple of times so I don’t quite know how it works, but from what I have gathered it goes kinda like this: A player with a lot of skillpoints in what he sees as useless categories can buy a skill-extractor. He can use that extractor to extract half a million skillpoints. Then the extractor becomes a injector instead, which he can then use to inject into himself again to apply to skills that he thinks are more useful, or he can put it on the market for others to buy and consume. Depending on how many skillpoints you already have, you won’t get all of the 500.000 skillpoints in the injector, like me for example.

I only gain around 150.000 skillpoints from a injector. So the more skillpoints you have, the less you gain from the injectors. And with that said I can completely understand why people would still call it a Pay 2 Win game but you also have to remember that this game has had a character market where you could basically do the same thing.

You could buy a character with the skills that you wanted from another player who sold that character, so, in the end- I mean yes, it has the elements of a Pay 2 Win game but it doesn’t affect the game in the way you would imagine when you hear people mention Pay 2 Win. It’s not going to be a magical win-button for everything you do, real experience of the gameplay, of the ships and of the equipment that you use will be way more valuable than all the skills you can inject to yourself. So even if you’re thinking about buying skill injectors just to get like a new fancy ship it’s a lot smarter to instead train manually and learn how to fly the ship properly. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy skill-injectors I’m just saying experience counts way more than skillpoints put into it.

So yeah that’s basically my opinion on this subject/question/statement. And lastly, before this video becomes too long is a question that I haven’t been asked too often but I think I could just answer it anyways. And that is: How often does the game receive content and how often is it balanced? The game receives frequent updates now where as it used to be that the updates were few and far between. The content that you get now is free of course, like it always has been so you won’t have to worry about paying for expansions or having content locked behind paywalls (Not counting the subscription benefits).

Other than that, the meta in the game takes time to change so it all comes down to what is being balanced and the length between balance updates. CCP (in my experience) likes to space the balancing in order for the players to get used to the balancing and in order for them to give enough feedback to CCP for them to either fix it or move on to something else to balance. And sometimes it might take them a bit too long between balancing, or they don’t balance at all which can leave part of the playerbase a bit agitated. Again though, it kinda depends.

The Developers are a lot more flexible now with the frequent updates, so it is definitely moving towards the better. You can’t really blame CCP either tho (For slow updates) as they want to have every ship be relevant in some kind of way, all thought that isn’t always the case. The game has 100s of modules and 100s of ships so I imagine balancing can be tricky especially when you tackle the current meta in the game. And that is the end of this video. I promise the next one will be me going through the tutorial and gameplay, but I felt I had to make this. As you can tell, non of these topics would have been too good to cover while doing the tutorial and they would simply take up too much time which could be used to explain other things in the game.

Anyways, thanks a lot for watching this. I hope this answered some of the questions / concerns you might have. If you have any other questions, again just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you on it. Until next time, Fly Safe!

o7 Until next time, Fly Safe! o7 Until next time, Fly Safe! o7 *Dramatic Music Intensifies*

BIG Wins at Slot Machines: $68K Winnings

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Things may not be going so great in her love life – but La La got lucky this weekend as she hit a casino in New Orleans.

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They will remain loving and committed parents to their son,’ the representative added The pair share son, Kiyan, 12.The reports came as La La celebrated her birthday last week without her husband On June 25, Carmelo posted a photo of his wife on his Instagram to wish her a happy birthday and wrote in the caption: ‘Some of the most beautiful things worth having in your life come wrapped in a crown.

Pawn Stars: Star Wars, Death Star Model

This is Star Wars set. Topps, they were the baseball card company at the time, and they said, well, we’ll do Star Wars cards. With kind of scenes, some character shots, stuff like this. That’s Hammill, Fisher, Ford.

The heroes, as they call them. OK. But they’re all signed? It’s like 300 out of 334, 335.

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With all the Star Wars hype going on, I thought I would show Rick some really nice high end pieces of mine, see if he wanted to buy them. You know, they sit in my safe, they’re not displayed. So maybe it’s time that someone else enjoys it too. OK. Pretty cool. What’s that?

Well, this is the next part of it. This is a signed poster. What you have here is probably one of the most complete cast signed pieces in existence. George Lucas is up here.

And then you also have Hammil. Kenny Baker is R2-D2. There’s Anthony Daniel, C-3P0. John Williams, who also did this in his own hand.

That’s the opening score to Star Wars right there. It’s about as rare as it gets. You have almost everybody assembled here that had anything to do with this film, all the key people are here. Oh my god. So what are all these worth?

Well, I would want in the ballpark of $75,000 to $100,000 for this set. Same thing on this. This 101 piece, this is $75,000. So you want $150,000 for both?

I do, yeah. It would take that much to get them out of my hands. You will pay $150,000. It’s not working? That’s the Jedi mind trick. I guess I don’t have it yet.

I mean, I’ll give you 100 grand for them. I mean, I got to make money on them, and it’s just– I get that. It’s a multi-year process.

And it’s expensive to sell. I’ll give you 100 grand. Can’t do it. Just hold on. I’ve got something else I think you’d like. It’s really spectacular too.

Trust me. – OK. And then I’ll try the Jedi mind trick again. – I’m back. – So what’s this?

This is like a board game? No. We talk about great pieces from Star Wars. This is actually one of them right here in your shop.

Basically, this is a screen used– Death Star section. Whoa. Pretty cool. But you’re still a gigantic nerd. Yes, of course. I’m OK with that.

I hear it enough, it’s good. This is a piece they used for kind of the close ups of the Death Star trench run. It’s a huge massive section. It’s like 24 by 12. It’s really one of the most unique pieces I own in my collection.

Bottom line on it is $25,000. If I’m able to actually net the full value for the Death Star piece, it’ll get me a quarter way to buying the Millennium Falcon, which is for sale now. So I’m really excited about trying to purchase that.

This is sweet. This is one of the coolest things I own. They used this to film the Death sequences.

Now I’ll explain it to you in non-geek speech. 1976, they have to film all these close UPS of the Death Star. You know, they’ve got this trench run to film where the ships are coming in.

Luke’s ultimate goal– or their ultimate goal is to blow up the Death Star. And you know, back then, it’s all practical effects. So in Van Nuys, California, where they had Industrial Light and Magic, ILM, they assembled these pieces, they fabricated them. And there’s pictures of them filming and blowing up a lot of these.

And that’s what they did with a lot of the stuff. A lot of these just didn’t survive. But this is one of the pieces they used.

Well, I mean, I can look at I, can see it. They used camera and depth of field and bright lighting, it would look like a Death Star. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

And where did you get it? This came directly from someone who worked on the film to his house to my collection. I mean, it’s pretty cool, dude.

It’s awesome. So what’s something like this worth? This piece here, just because based on its, rarity this one, I’m asking $25,000 for. I understand. Star Wars created this fascination that we have never had with a movie before, never.

I understand that. I just can’t see it ever looking like $25,000. Hey, I know. I mean, if you’re hurting for cash, I’ll give you 15.

No, I couldn’t take that. This is an amazing piece of film history. And not many of these survived. I know it’s sellable, for sure.

Sure you don’t want 15? No, I’m good. You wanna go have lunch?

Yeah, we could do that. I’ll make Chum Lee put this stuff away. OK, good. Thanks. You know, Rick offered me $15,000 for the Death Star section piece.

Actually, really good offer. I have to admit, I was a little tempted, but I kind of held to my price. And I’m glad I did. And you know, for now, it’ll just go back into my safe.

Thoughts on eSports’ Declining Popularity | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios

=So one of the things that caught my eye this week was that Riot Games released the numbers for viewership for League Championship Series. So during the final showdown a couple weeks ago between Samsung White and World Club. 27 million people watched the final.

And that’s certainly a lot of people. But it’s actually a decrease of 15% compared to last year. Although there was an increase in the amount of time that people spent watching it jump from 40 minutes to 60-something minutes, which obviously is very, very good.

But that decrease in terms of the raw number of people who watched the final obviously was probably a bit of surprise, given the growth of e-sports and the big “New York Times” cover story from a couple weeks ago. So I just want to dive into this a little bit, because I think it asks this very large question about e-sports and who it’s for and where its future might necessarily begun. So first of all, to be totally clear, 27 million people– that’s a lot of people. Totally a lot of people. Obviously, millions of people. But to put it in perspective, the Super Bowl had over 100 million people watch it, just in the United States alone.

And 27 million people would put the championship somewhere in the number 20 spot in terms of American viewership. And this is something that was streamed globally. It would be roughly about as popular as the September 29 game between the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles. But ultimately, I think what this signifies is that there may be a cap on the number of people who want to watch e-sports, which I know, for those of you who are fans, might be kind of hard for you to hear. But let me explain why. There’s a core tension at the heart of televised spectated gaming experiences, which is between people who watch e-sports because they want to become better players and people watch e-sports because it’s an entertaining televised spectator event.

I’ll give you a good example. I watched some of the Dota 2 international this summer. And I was there– I wasn’t there. I was in Chicago with Clayton Purdom, the editorial director for Kill Screen.

And we were watching a little bit of this together. And his fiancee walked in and was just totally befuddled about what was happening on screen. She didn’t know where to start, what she should be looking at, the camera jumps all over the place. Obviously, the shoutcasters are giving commentary with words that she doesn’t quite understand. And we were watching the noob stream.

And this is for people who ostensibly are new to Dota 2. And this was very, very confusing for her, because the big problem is that, until this tension is resolved in terms of who e-sports is for, whether it should privilege people we are watching it or privilege people who actually want to get better, I think there’s always going to be cross purposes. So for example, when I watch a game of basketball, for example, I would never deign to think that I’ll become like LeBron James by watching basketball. And if you look at the early history of televised football games, you see something similar. In early televised football games– the first one was aired in 1939. And it was thought that what people wanted to see was an exact one-to-one replication of what it would be like to be at a football game.

So the score wasn’t even on there, which was incredibly useful for people who were walking in. And over the years, over the last 60, 70 years of televised football, they’ve made all these concessions to give spectators information that’s going to make them better spectators but may not necessarily be the information that a football player or a professional or aspiring football player would need to become better at the sport. But you see all the things that Fox has done. For example, Fox has been a pioneer in terms of sports telegraphics. So adding the first down marker so you can see where the first down marker is.

That’s not something you even get at the blackjack game online. All the statistics and stuff that appear at the bottom. Obviously adding the Madden Cam, the overhead cam really gives you a sense of the layout of the field. But you don’t watch the game that way. That’s just to give you some sort of perspective.

Another great example of overcoming obstacles in terms of creating better spectatorship experiences– and this is one of the best– comes from poker. So poker has been around for a very, very long time. But it didn’t really take off as a televised event until the late ’90s, early aughts.

One specific change really marked– it really defined it and really set the sport on its way. In 1995, there was an inventor named Henry Orenstein. And he filed the patent for a hole cam, which would be a small camera which would be placed underneath each of the competitors’ place underneath their two down cards. Now, remember, in a game like poker, you’re able to see up to three cards, which are visible to everyone. And then you have two cards that you and only you are privy to that information.

It’s a fog of war type of technique. And what this little hole cam did is that it gave viewers a sense tension. All of a sudden they had information that the players didn’t necessarily have. And that might not be the best thing for someone who wants to learn how to poker.

There’s other information that might need to be visible on the screen to make people better poker players. But that small adjustment is really what set the sport on its way. And poker journalist John Vorhaus had argued that the invention of the whole cam– it gave omniscience to the audience that’s never had it before. So they could watch a threat unfold in real time.

Each hand could be thought of as a protagonist. And in Vorhaus’s words– this is really powerful– he says, suddenly we could look at poker as an exercise in storytelling. That concession, the idea that what’s most important in a televised sport is the storytelling, the narrative aspect of it fundamentally shifted the way that people began to think about poker. And that’s exactly the sort of concession that I think that e-sports we need to make over time in order to become popular.

I don’t know what that might necessarily be. I wrote a great story about it, about someone who’s trying to make that adjustment. This guy, Drew Harry, who’s a fellow at MIT, who introduced a product called ROAR so you could understand what– it was for fans.

You could understand what was happening. You could sort of hear the roar of the crowd. I’ll link to it in the description. In any case, I think until e-sports makes that concession, as Drew Harry, the guy I interviewed, he had said the holy grail is to get lots of people who watch but don’t necessarily play, because that’s how you end up with a sport as big as soccer. And that’s how you get billions of people around the planet to watch a sport like soccer, is because you get to watch something that you’re not necessarily going to become a part of.

Anyway, that’s my thought. I could be totally, totally wrong, and e-sports will be a billion people next year, and I’ll be eating my hat.

Cheap $45 Mechanical Keyboard Round Up!

I think I’m finally starting to understand you guys. The numbers tell me that y’all really like cheap $#!t, and your comments are giving me a slightly different version of the story. One that I’ve also figured out, you want to see the cheap stuff – That’s also the good stuff! So we went looking for the least expensive keyboard on the market, but one that is still fully- *clickety clack* mechanical, and, without any of that “MeCHaNicAL FEeL” marketing malarkey either. So here we go then, a roundup of the 9 cheapest true mechanical keyboards on Amazon. Enjoy!

🙂 The be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900’s modular design supports a variety of different layouts and configurations. Click on the link in the video description to learn more.

First up is our audience’s favorite brand, apparently. Redragon products have been, “flying” off the shelves, like “fire”. Since our last peripheral roundup, available here. This is the Redragon K551 Vara.

The product page says it is, Built like a tank, and actually we’re inclined to agree. It’s splash proof and the exposed steel backplate is sturdy, not to mention heavy AF. It’s got double shot injection key caps with a Gamer-y, but very readable legend over top of what they describe as Cherry Green equivalent switches, but they both look and feel a lot more like blues if you ask me. With that in mind then the typing experience is pretty good, but the key caps are a little on the slippery side, and keystrokes produce a metallic twang, that like country music you’ll either love or hate. The backlight has a generous 10 steps of brightness including off, But unfortunately only one effect, Breathing. Though an RGB version is available, and there’s an unlit one as well in case you want to save $2.

Aula’s Demon King is a tenkeyless with, according to the box, its own branded Aula mechanical blue switches, but it turns out that they’re actually just Gateron Blues, and the diagram on their website is a ripoff of Razer’s marketing materials for their Razer Green Switches produced by Kailh. Anywho, the keyboard itself is nice and heavy, But with more deck flex than other keyboards in our roundup and typing is overall… OK. Due in large part to the laser engraved key caps whose width and raised corners are debatably fine, But whose key cap wobble is not. The dual-purpose keys have the symbols beside each other rather than stacked, so the backlit version that we’re assuming exists can illuminate both, but on ours it’s just kind of hard to read, or funny. My favorite keys are the “5%” key and the “1!”

*lolz* On that subject, there’s also an indicator light for Num Lock even though there’s no number pad. It’s a decent board overall, if you don’t mind the annoyingly narrow enter key since it uses the European ISO layout rather than the North American ANSI. The next keyboard on our list isn’t a mechanical keyboard at all. It’s the Airfox K500 Irina Kaptelova, named after a Russian actress for some reason. We’re actually including this one just to highlight how easy it is for people with little experience with mechanical keyboards to order the wrong thing.

This one is in Amazon’s mechanical keyboard category even though it uses scissor key switches. For what it’s worth though, she feels a little cheap, but she types pretty nice if you’re into low profile switches. If Apple made a mechanical keyboard aimed at gamers with a rainbow, LED Scheme at- Okay, It’s not very Apple-y at all but, the tenkeyless Z77 from E-Element is actually pretty sweet anyway. It’s Outemu Blue switches are a little louder than Cherry MX Blues, but otherwise they offer a very similar tactile experience, and they also have some extra brackets around the cross that are supposed to increase stability. But it should be added you won’t be able to add your own sound dampening O-Rings.

The build quality feels solid and even though the backlight colors can’t be changed on this version, It comes pre-loaded with nine effects that are easy to control without the use of software. Finally, I’m not sure if this is a good sign or not, but they included a few extra key switches in the box should the board’s original PCB-mounted switches fail. So ugly gray cable aside, this one is a great option.

And if you’re looking for an even more compact version of the same, try the 545g E-Element Z88 Super Scholar. All the features and keys of the Z77 but, smarter. With a smaller footprint and bezel-less design.

It actually has some other improvements too, like a detachable cord, cable management tracks and multiple backlight color choices. But what if you want bigger and not smaller? Then, there’s the uh… Hey wait a tick, no, this one isn’t from E-Element actually. It says it’s an EagleTec KG011, and yet, it has a similar finish and the exact same legend as the last two boards, and that’s the same legend that the Redragon keyboard was using too. OK, so budget keyboard part sourcing seems to be a little inbred, but regardless this one is also a nice board, with an icy blue backlight that can be set to breathing mode and a Corsair inspired metal backplate. Not to mention that – like the others mentioned – switchable WASD and arrow keys are included in case you wear out one of the sets.

And now then for something completely different. This thing is called the Qisan or Magicforce Smart One, depending on where you look. It’s our smallest keyboard with just 68 keys and weighing a mere 528g. The blasted finish on the backplate belies its low price tag, and it’s even available with switches from Cherry, Gateron or Outemu for different feels.

What they all have in common though, is that the function and number keys, which have been combined, and a removable cord, and media on-the-go adapter are all included, to make it a very portable keyboard. You might even consider taking this one to class, since ours uses the quiet Outemu Black linear switches. These have a similar feel to Cherry MX reds, the ones that are so common in gaming boards, but quite a lot heavier.

Okay, now this tenkey actually is from E-Element. Though, it has a different legend, different key caps and even different stems. The screws on this weird compartment on the bottom made us think that they might have put weights inside, like a high-end gaming mouse, but no.

All 1220 grams of this puppy seemed to be from the thick steel backplate. It’s got a bunch of lighting modes, even though the backlight color can’t be changed, and if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s probably our loudest keyboard in this roundup. Overall, not bad, and it’s the only one with an included wrist rest, though with that said we couldn’t find anyone whose wrists or even palms actually touched it. The Drevo Gramr, grammar rate or Caliber, whatever it is, is a lone wolf in many respects. it’s the only board in our roundup that uses brown switches offering a happy medium between typing and gaming, and apparently, it helps you use every spell correctly, which… okay…. It’s also the only one with a braided cable, embedded numpad, and the ability to set up five of your own lighting schemes, though the included effects are a fair bit cooler.

As for the cons, the otherwise nice backlit double shot key caps have additional pad printing on the outside that looks blurry and cheap, the casing is creaky and the Caps Lock key is illuminated when Caps Lock is off rather than on for some reason. Overall though we really liked its feel, features and compact layout. Now then to hand out the trophies. The Magic Force definitely put a spell on me. It’s sturdy yet light and is available with a wide variety of different configs, various key switches, key counts and even backlights.

If you’re looking for something big, heavy and gamer-y though, we ended up recommending Redragon again, and I also personally thought that the E-Element Z77 was pretty well-rounded. With that said though, the big surprise here is that none of these boards stands out as “bad”, Your mileage may vary though, because at the low end of the market you don’t get the same quality assurance program that you would from a major brand. Though at these prices there’s the argument to be made that you could just pick up another one if it dies. Blue Apron lets you create delicious chef designed recipes at home, by delivering all the farm-fresh ingredients in exactly the right proportions to your doorstep.

No trips to the grocery store and no waste from unused ingredients. They’re delivered in a refrigerated box, so even if you’re not at home when your package arrives, that’s no problem, and they source from quality suppliers and artisans. They offer two types of plans, the two-person plan and the family plan with each menu between 500 to 800 calories per person.

All meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less, and there is no commitment. You can skip or cancel the service at any time. They offer a large selection of recipes, and they’re adding new dishes to their menu every week, so learn to make new recipes and cuisines and get out of your dinner rut of making the same old dishes or relying on takeout. The first 100 people *GO!

GO! GO! * will get three free meals on their first Blue Apron order using the link below. So thanks for watching guys!

If you dislike this video you can hit that button, if you liked it hit the like button, click subscribe, maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at Amazon in the video description, also down there is our t-shirt store where you can buy cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join.

A Tour Through Manhattan

It takes you through all these different movies and shows you behind the scenes. It’s very interactive as well so I highly recommend checking this out. Also it’s free on Fridays from 4:00 to 8:00. Way better than those really busy places in Manhattan. Probably the biggest tourist trap of all in Times Square which is New Year’s Eve.

Now you may have seen this on TV it looks super glamorous and amazing with confetti falling down but that’s only for one moment. The rest of the time it’s terrible. You have to get here probably like 15 hours before everything starts. You’ll be fenced in an area and you can’t leave that area until the show starts. You just have to sit there and wait for the show to start.

A lot of people end up wearing diapers. The other option is doing one of the “great package deals” that restaurants will offer you here which are really terrible they’re extremely overpriced. Normally they’re around five hundred to a thousand dollars it can be more than that.

Times Square for New Year’s Eve not what it seems like just watch it on TV in your cozy house or at a bar it will be so much more fun that way and you won’t end up fenced in a corral, not being able to go to the bathroom for 15 hours. Do not, under any circumstances, take pictures with these costume characters like the one behind me. What they do is they’ll try to jump into your photo pretending like they just want to be in your photo and then what they do is they demand you to give them a tip and this tip will be like five to ten dollars. It’s terrible! and a lot of tourists fall for this and they feel like they’re obligated to pay them.

You’re not obligated to pay them so don’t pay them. Another thing that you’ll see all the time. You’ll be walking along the streets, like the guy behind me here it’s doing it, and they try to sell you a CD of their mixed tape. Don’t buy this. It’s a blank CD, they try to charge you like $20 for a mixtape and there’s nothing on it.

Okay? Don’t fall for these scams. They’re so dumb save your money.

These pedicabs right here are a scam. Don’t take them. they’re really expensive, and they don’t even get you places fast. Instead just take the subway. Literally no real New Yorkers take those pedicabs, so just don’t do it.

Instead of going to the overpriced Rockefeller Center ice rink, come here instead. This is Bryant Park they have tons of really fun activities all year long. Here you can skate for just 20 dollars and at Rockefeller Center it’s a lot more, plus you’ll be waiting in line for half the time. Do this one instead.

So that’s a wrap everyone, those are the worst tourist traps of New York City. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe, follow me on Instagram @sarahfunky, and I will see you next time.

New York’s Worst Tourist Traps

Welcome to New York City! There are tons of fun things to do here. However, there’s also tons of tourist traps. Today I’m going to show you the worst tourist traps in New York City. Let’s start with this one Times Square.

The only good thing about Times Square is the Broadway shows. This is a massive tourist trap. Everything’s overpriced and when you’re in Times Square, under any circumstances please don’t go to Madame Tussauds or Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

It’s not even fun there guys. Come on! That’s the biggest tourist trap you can ever find. If you want something that says New York on it don’t come to any of these cheesy souvenir shops. You’ll see these all over the Midtown area. Instead, a way to get these for way cheaper price, is you go to Chinatown or you can go to any Duane Reade or Walgreens.

They sell it for so so cheap, okay? Instead of going to places like the Freedom Tower or the Empire State Building, skip it. Those places are so expensive and they have really long lines. It’s just packed.

Instead go to these amazing rooftop bars. We have so many in New York and the views are better than what you get there or at the Empire State Building because you’re not surrounded by tourists. Here are a few of my favorites. Like this place this is St. Cloud at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. Come here look at this view that there is.

Look at this view here. That’s the New Year’s Eve Ball right there. There’s other great places too. Some of my favorite rooftop bars are Jimmy at at The James, Monarch Lounge, at the top of the Met Museum there’s an amazing rooftop bar looking at over Central Park, and the top of the Gansevoort Hotel. All those places have amazing views and there’s no one there.

It’s just so much better than going to be Empire State Building or the Freedom Tower. So go there instead. Instead of shopping on Fifth Avenue where it’s really expensive and it’s really where all the tourists go. Go to we’re real near New Yorkers shop which is the West Village, Nolita, Union Square, any of those locations have tons of really cute boutique stores that are way better price and all the stuff here on fifth avenue. When you’re walking the streets of New York you’re going to get offered a lot of these little pamphlets for these big bus tours, don’t do it. It’s a huge scam and it’s not even a good tour.

Essentially they’re just going to corral you into a giant bus full of tourists, and give you generic information about the city as they go past all of the landmarks and cool sites really quickly. Instead of doing this, what you should do is go on a private tour or a small group tour. One of my favorite companies to do this with its Urban Adventures.

They have tons of really fun tours of all over New York City and it’s really personalized. So don’t use these guys. Instead use awesome companies like Urban Adventures. Instead of going to Starbucks, there are so many cool cafe’s here in New York. Like this one called The Uncommons. Here you can get a delicious coffee and a bagel, New York style.

While you play board games and they have over 500 board games. So check this out. It’s my move now. Three. One, two three.

Your turn! If you don’t want to deal with the hordes of tourists at museums like the Museum of Natural History, The Met or the MoMA, head over to the more undiscovered museums. This one is the Museum of Moving Image and it’s an Astoria, Queens. It is all about the art of film.


Sports Betting Tips and Strategies

Hello welcome everybody. Today, I’m gon na show you a unique Sports betting tips and strategies which will always give you a party on money back. So let’s check it out. As an example, I used everything Southampton at the lanta Torino and Metz to lose.

Now it doesn’t really matter if you know something about football, because the formula is based on simple mathematics.

So what we are looking for are equalizing games, so it could help you a little bit if you knew something about instanteft casinos canada but Indian, it doesn’t really matter what you were looking for are the highest arts. So if the arts of the home team and the visiting team are practically the same, these are the kind of games you want to use. So, as you can see, we have everything Southampton: 216, 275, 275 and to 64 FL and to Torino and Mets.

270, this gives us arts, 4, 1 X and X 2. What we need for a formula as you can see right there we are gon na need, make 8 combinations with 1 X and X 2 on our three games. So you take a budget like you know. It eros is what I did and I spent one year on every paper.

So now you can see, then I’m gon na make around 3 euros for every paper. So, in step 2, you can see that if none of the games that you predicted, if you try to predict, equalising games, keep that in mind your search for equalizing games and none of the games equalized. You want just come up in one paper around 3 euros.

So you lost 5 euros and what, if you will write one time and one game equalised? You are gon na win two papers so around six heroes and lose two euros still not good enough. But what, if you predict it really well and in two games equalised?

You were gon na win four papers and win 12 euros. So that’s four plus that’s nice already, but if he did a really good bet and three games equalized, you are winning the jackpot and that’s the 24 euros. So you triple your eight heroes and that’s what you were looking for. So if I could help you out with this formula thumbs up for the video and subscribe to my channel – and I will see you next time and thank you so much for watching.

How to make a gentle and skin-loving Bastille soap

Hi, and thanks for joining me on this cold process episode. Today I’ll be showing you how to make a gentle and skin-loving soap. It’s made with carrot puree and buttermilk. I got this baby bastille recipe from Alina from Dobre Mylo and we featured it on SoapQueen.com. It’s great for dry, sensitive skin or delicate skin.

What does bastille mean? Bastille is a term used by soapers and it references any soap that’s made with 70% olive oil or more. Traditionally, castile soap refers to any soap made with 100% olive oil. Soap made with a lot of olive oil is extremely gentle to skin but it doesn’t have the most copious large lather.

So for this bar we’ve added just a little bit of coconut oil to help with firmness and lather. If you’ve never made cold process soap before there are some serious safety considerations to take into account. Follow this link to be taken to my cold process basic series on Soap Queen TV or read the first chapter on lye safety in my Soap Crafting book. It’s important to get a few recipes under your belt before you try this more advanced technique.

Before we get started, let’s review the basics about using milk in cold process soap. Milk such as buttermilk, coconut milk, etc., adds lots of extra moisturizing properties to your soap and it’s great from a marketing standpoint. Milk can actually replace up to 100% of the water in your cold process recipe. But it’s not quite that simple.

When sodium hydroxide, or lye, is introduced to milk it can scorch the milk and smell pretty awful and change color. Scorched milk still makes great soap but that color change can really affect your design. To see examples of this color change check out the Goat Milk Soap video on Soap Queen TV for an in-depth explanation of making milk soap. There’s also a book on making milk soap on BrambleBerry.com that has 10 detailed recipes, including photos. My favorite way to prevent milk from scorching is to freeze the milk 24 hours ahead of time before adding the lye to it. Another important part of this recipe is the carrot puree.

Be sure to use a carrot puree that doesn’t have any additives, it’s just carrots and water. It makes your soap a beautiful creamy yellow, all the way up to orange, color depending on the type of carrot puree you’re using. To give the soap a very soft scent, I’m using Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil. This is completely optional, and if you are making the soap for babies or for someone that you know has sensitive skin, you might consider leaving out the essential oil.

To make the soap we need to prep our ingredients. Measure out 2.5 ounces of the carrot puree and set it aside. Weigh out 1.5 ounces of Lavender Essential Oil, if you’re using the essential oil.

Make sure to place the essential oil in a glass container and not in a plastic container because essential oils can eat through plastic, making a mess of your countertop. Let’s get all these buttermilk ice cubes out of our molds and popping it out. These little marble molds come from BrambleBerry.com. And aren’t they cute? Notice that I’ve got my container in an ice bath.

This will help to keep the entire temperature down a little bit more when I’m adding the sodium hydroxide. Now it’s time to suit up for safety. I am soaping in a very well ventilated area and there are no children and no pets anywhere near me.

In addition to that, I’ve got long sleeves on, long pants on, close-toed shoes, putting on my gloves, and the last essential step is the goggles. Slowly begin adding the sodium hydroxide to your buttermilk. The key for this is slow, slow, slow. If you add it too quickly, your milk will scorch. Keep stirring and make sure that while you’re stirring you’re checking periodically to ensure that each little bit of lye has fully, fully dissolved.

This entire entire process can take up to 10 minutes, so be sure you have patience. Adding the lye slowly helps keep the buttermilk temperature nice and cool. Continue to add the lye until all of the lye is fully dissolved. You may start to smell somewhat of an ammonia smell. Don’t worry, this goes away within 5 to 7 days of making the soap.

If you notice your mixture is starting to harden up or thicken up just a little bit, don’t worry. That’s just the fat proteins mixing with the sodium hydroxide, totally normal. Because we’re working with a silicone mold, adding sodium lactate to the lye/milk mixture can really help decrease the amount of time that the soap needs to stay in the mold. The usage rate for sodium lactate is 1 teaspoon per pound of finished soap. So, for this recipe I’m going to add about 2 teaspoons. My olive oil and my coconut have already been weighed out and melted.

They are about 120 degrees. Take your stick blender, place it all the way at the bottom of your container. Burp it to make sure that there are no air bubbles trapped underneath that head and then gently pour your milk/lye mixture down the shaft of the stick blender and alternate pulsing the stick bender, using the stick blender also to stir the mixture. Eventually your soap will reach a light trace. Gently drizzle some soap on top. Are you seeing thin trailings?

If so, your soap has reached light trace and it’s ready to add your additives. Add your essential oil and the carrot puree. You can whisk this in or stick blend it in, depending on how thick your trace is, I’m going to stick blend.

I want the soap to have a fairly thick trace because I’d like to do a textured top. Stick blend just a little bit more and before turning on that stick blender, don’t forget to burp the stick blender to release any air bubbles. I want this soap batter to have a nice thick consistency, similar to pudding.

This texture looks perfect. Now I’m going to pour it into my mold. And, oh, gorgeous. Use a spoon or a spatula to scrape those last bits of soap out of the mold. Tap the mold firmly on the counter to release any bubbles from the batter.

Now let’s give the soap some texture. Using a spoon, just start to create waves. I like how it looks when I just kind of push it up like this on the sides, that’s kind of fun. You can even make waves by kind of doing this little plop or this little turn with your spoon. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You just want a gorgeous, interesting texture on top.

Once you’re happy with your design, spray a little bit of 99% isopropyl alcohol to help prevent soda ash and set this aside. Let your soap harden in the mold for at least a week. This soap actually contains so much olive oil that it takes a few extra days to come out of the mold. Are you ready to see this soap? I made this soap a week ago just so you could see how it looks. In order to release it gently pull away from the sides, then turn over.

Make sure that when you’re letting this airlock release that you’re not dropping the soap on the top because that’s where your pretty design is. So just pull it on the side, gorgeous. That looks so nice. Take a non-serrated knife and push firmly down to cut through. Wow. This turned out so beautifully on the inside and it smells really good, too.

I do notice that there’s an interesting kind of ring around the soap, that’s actually from the gel phase. If that happens to your soap, it will actually go away over the next 4 to 6 weeks. Allow this soap to harden and cure for 4 to 6 weeks before giving it away, or using it yourself, or selling it. Thanks for joining me on today’s episode of Soap Queen TV.

Until next time, happy soaping. Close-toed shoes, putting on my gloves, and the last essential step is the goggles.

Card Game Activity: Go Fish!

Hello, everyone! My name’s Cris. My name is Ana. And this is Great Ideas for Teachers and Students Subtitles are available in English and Portuguese. Subtitles are available in English and Portuguese. On today’s video we’re gonna teach you a card games you can play with your students.

Here’s an idea for you to review vocabulary and the simple present. For this game you’ll need a deck of cards. Let’s review the vocabulary for cards first, shall we?

This is a deck of cards. There are four suits: spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. There are 13 cards in each suit. We have 9 number cards And there are 4 special cards: the ace, A, the jack, J, the queen, Q, and the king, K. There’s also a very special card: the joker. For this game, we don’t need the joker, so discard it. The name of the game is Go Fish.

The objective of the game is to make a group of four equal cards. So the students ask each other if they have a card. So for example, they say, do you have a 2?

If thestudent has the card, he has to give the first student the card. If he or she doesn’t have the card, he or she says, Go Fish! If the student makes the group of 4 equal cards, he lays down the cards. The winner isthe student who has the biggest number of groups of four cards.

The game ends when one of the students doesn’t have any more cards in his or her ends or when theteacher interrupts the game. Let’s demonstrate! Pedro, you’re the dealer. Please shuffle the cards. Okay OK, now deal 8 cards to each player.

Ooh, my cards are good. okay Ana, you start Pedro, do you have a queen? No, go fish. No, I don’t. Go fish.

No, I don’t. Go fish. Cris, do you have an 8? No, I don’t.

Go fish. Ana. Do you have a king? No, I don’t. Go fish. For more card games, navigate to this website.

Ana, do you have an 8? It’s my turn! oh Pedro, do you have a jack? No, I don’t. Go fish.

Ana, do you have an 8? No, I don’t. Go fish. Pedro, do you have a king? No, I don’t. Go fish.

Ana, your turn Pedro, do you have a 6? No, I don’t. Go fish.

Pedro, do you have a 7? No, I don’t. Go fish. Pedro, do you have a 6? No, I don’t. Go fish.

Ana, do you have an 8? Yes, here you are. okay I won! You can use a regular deck of cards or you can make your own deck to review any vocabulary you want. For example, with this deck of cards you can review the letters of the alphabet. Or with this one you can review animals.

While students are playing the game, they internalize the structure of the simple present, for example, do you have, and the answers, yes, I do, no, I don’t. Because they are entertained, and their objective is to win the game, they’re not paying attention to thestructure, so they really automatize the structure. They learn while they are playing and having fun. Well, we hope you have enjoyed playing cards with us. If you like this video, please hit the like button. And subscribe by hitting the red button.

Don’t forget to ring the notification bell. Share this video with your friends. Follow us on our social media.


Betting, WCG and ProTips: The eSports Show

Good afternoon, good evening or good morning depending on where in the world you are watching. It’s time for baking, scalding and steaks… err, I mean streaks. I’m Luke “Dorjan” Kneller and this is the International eSports show. LemmingBake, OdemJam, Liberty Egg; League of Liberty team 1 and 2 were both disqualified from competing in the Russian Wargaming League’s season 3 finals for match fixing.

The information passed from the bookies shows that a few players from LOL Team 1 and 2 betted against themselves. Not surprisingly; they lost these matches… Four players from League of Liberty Team 1, including TpTp and Captain Streko and BYRANTINO from League of Liberty Team 2 are now banned from all Wargaming Leagues and events for the next two seasons. LOL Team 1 is moved to the Silver League and cannot be promoted for Season 4 plus they lose 75% of their winnings amounting to 1312 US dollars and LOL Team 2 loses the right to participate in the season 3 finals but gets to stay in the Golden League and lose 25% of their earnings amounting to 350 dollars. This completely ruins LOL Team 1’s chances of getting to the grand finals even though they were one of the favorites.

Lesson to learn from this? Betting is all good and fun if done sensibly but don’t bet against yourself; ever. Virtus-cake, Nod-pie, Olive-Ace Continuing the bad news; CEO of World Cyber Games Inc., Brad Lee, has announced that they have lost their sponsor and have therefore cancelled all future tournaments. WCG began in 2000 as the “World Cyber Game Challenge” sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism and a high profile electronics company.

But after 14 years of successful competitions, things come to a close. Mr Lee makes clear that the brand name ‘WCG’ is still available for use, so there’s a silver lining to all this. PandaFace, Na`vi Tank, Syner-snack Some teams like hiding in Go4WoT; one such example is Virtus.Pro who renamed to Wild Boars just for this. Other teams, like DeNova have renamed to one of their sponsors instead.

So look closely when competing in Go4WoT and A-Series… you never know when a wild pro-team might appear. Also in A-Series; Freefall has at last been defeated by the LemmingTrain’s Super Pazie in a very tight match bringing their winning streak to an end at a total of 13, a record I don’t think anyone can break this season as it finishes in two weeks. Challenge accepted; next season of A-Series let’s see if we can get a higher streak as a collective community, OK? On that note I’ll wrap things up for today.

Let me know in the comments what is your longest win streak in A-Series or Team Battle mode; and don’t forget to leave your region at the same time. For this week’s ProTip we have the Comix from Team Efficiency from the Asian Region give you general team structure and game tips. See you next week. Hello everyone, I’m comix from Team Efficiency here to talk about general tips for Team Battles.

The DPS tournament teams came together to make a guide for the 7/42 battle format; brought to you by Deathskyz, Grivyn and myself. It’s linked in the description, but let me go over the main points The first thing to do with your 7 players is to split them into 3 groups: The Captain, otherwise known as the Battle Caller or FC, has the final say and commands the team during the battle. It is important that this person has the final say during battles as it’s too easy to get locked down in debates, the time for that is after the battle The second group are your main tier 8 players. They are the ones who must know what the Battle Caller expects from them. Initiative is the keyword here; every player must understand that the Caller is unable to see everything and each player must have the ability to be proactive and cooperate with their team. The last role assigned to your remaining players is the role of the T1 driver; Never underestimate the power of a Tier 1.

The tier 1’s are the eyes and early warning system of the team. They can even turn the tide of a battle by damaging or even killing enemy T8s from the side or rear. Let me give you some rules of thumb for Team Battles: First; always do a comms check to ensure everyone can hear and respond clearly Second; do not ever underestimate the enemy as this maybe your biggest downfall. Always treat the opposing team with respect; do not ever humiliate them no matter how bad they played against you. Learn the proper times to suggest ideas to the Battle Caller.

Every member of the team is important, regardless of their role. Learn what equipment and crew setup suits your tank and role you are going to be playing. Location, location, location.

Know where the enemy is before advancing or risk charging straight into an ambush. And lastly; some things to avoid during a Team Battle: Do not overcall your Battle Commander. Ensure clear battle comms as multiple people shouting does not help at all. Avoid scolding in the heat of battle, save it for the debriefing.

A stressed player does not get calmer with someone shouting in their headset. Remember this; Don’t give up. No matter how badly you were beaten by the enemy team, remember that all teams lose. Never stop learning. Be Humble in both victory and defeat.

Trust your team and they will trust you. I am Comix from Team Efficiency, good luck on the battlefield..

Winning Slot Strategies – How To Play Smart At Online Casinos

Betting strategies are the act of betting in a certain way to increase your chances of success. There have been many techniques invented for casino games, such as the martingale system in roulette. But for now, we’re looking at slots, particularly the online variety. Seemingly much more random than other casino games. Is it possible to bet smart when it comes to online slots.

Firstly, let’s get all the myths out of the way. Betting higher is always better This doesn’t make any sense because you would either lose or gain money at the same rate. It’s good if you win money quickly, therefore counteracting your original bigger risk, but in the end it does nothing to improve your winnings. Bet amount should be decided by your bankroll and so smaller bets might let you play for longer!

Selecting certain paylines. All paylines have an equal chance of hitting. Betting strategies will often tell you to only bet on horizontal lines because they’re more likely to have something across them, but it’s rubbish. Symbols will appear randomly across reels, so there’s nothing to make them line up horizontally. It’s a complete misunderstanding of how slots work. Don’t listen to it.

Hot and cold slots. As soon as you hit the spin button, the outcome of the slot is decided. That spinning animation you see is simply a random number generator picking which symbols to show. There’s no pattern or routine to when symbols come up, it’s random every single time. Because of this, every spin has the same odds of winning or losing. You can’t wait around for a slot to pay out better. Hot and cold might be true of fruit machines in pubs, but online, it works very differently. So the options for betting smart are limited. But there are a few things you can do.

Find a slot with a high RTP, that’s the return to player rate. It’s your only insight into how much a slot will pay out. The higher the RTP the more you’ll get back. The RTP will always be below 100% meaning if you play long enough you will always lose overall. A slot with a 98% RTP is high, but on average over a long enough period you will lose 2 of every £100 you wager. Knowing that is a good way to choose when you should stop spinning.

Once you get ahead, get out. If you get a great spin early, then you might want to stop playing if you want that money to stay around. Another thing you can do is play simpler slots, with less variables, like fewer bonus rounds. This not only makes it easier to understand what’s going on, but it also means that your spins will be less diluted. A slot packed with symbols that have loads of different effects, makes hitting one of those effects less likely, with so many other features cramming for slot space. Some would argue more bonus rounds are better for making more money, but since their appearance is tied to the RTP, more bonus rounds isn’t necessarily a gain. Bonus rounds are usually where you win big jackpots, so their presence can’t hurt, but remember their payouts are still based on that RTP.

Based on Casinoslots experience, sometimes, you won’t make back the money you lost while getting to them. So remember, you have to learn the rules and your chances of winning. You shouldn’t hang in there waiting for you luck to turn. Choose your slot wisely, bet comfortably and get out while you’re ahead. Sometimes though it’s worth throwing it all out of the window; set your bankroll and get spinning on whichever games you enjoy. See where your luck can take you!

Winning at Keno

Before you learn the tips and tricks to win at keno, familiarize yourself with the basic rules and terms associated with it. The first type of bet is the straight up bet where you select six numbers. The machine them selects any twenty numbers and you get your prize depending on the payoffs. You get back your bet only if you get three out of six numbers, three times the bet for four numbers, more than eighty times for five numbers and hit the jackpot of three thousand dollars for getting all six numbers.

Your payoffs increase if you bet larger amounts. The smallest permissible bet is of two dollars and the largest one is of seventy dollars. You can select up to fifteen numbers with some casinos permitting even twenty numbers for this bet. However, your chances of winning reduce when you choose more numbers. For variety, you can play with a pair of numbers on a ticket, but this has no effect on your chances of winning.

Keno games are heavily biased in the casino’s favor; however, the chance of hitting the jackpot is what lures players to the game. Hence, the idea is to play fewer numbers and never more than six or seven at the maximum. First, choose your six numbers and write them in the provided space on the keno ticket. The idea is to choose more numbers and then shorten your list to the chosen six numbers.

Do not mark the numbers and then move the four numbers on every row to a standard keno form. You will then have three tickets with twelve numbers in all. If you put three dollars for three tickets, it gives you three attempts at wagering on the four numbers on one ticket. A single win will net you more than a hundred dollars while a full six jackpot will net you three hundred and fifty dollars.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Your casino table choices

While proper casino money management entails several things including bankroll, buy-in, progression, table rake, and session take. We are going to focus on table play and progressions.

You really have only three choices when you play the table games at a casino, 1- you can either increase your bet when you lose (Martingale System), 2- keep your bet the same, win or lose, or 3- increase your bet when you win.

If you increase your bet when you lose, you are in essence chasing your money, and this way of betting has two major flaws, one is the amount of money it takes; the other is the house limit. This would NOT be my recommended way of playing.

If you keep your bet the same every time, you will likely never win or lose very much and you will certainly increase your playing time. However over the long run the house advantage will eat into your bankroll. But, if you are an ultra conservative player and not looking for a big win, this might be an applicable style of play.

The third choice is to increase your bet when you win. The advantage to this style of betting is if you catch that winning streak and progress your bet properly you will WIN!

roulette wheel 2With choice #3 you are playing for a winning streak, and in a game of random returns like roulette and/or craps anything is possible in the short run including winning streaks. This is even more applicable to a ‘skill’ game like blackjack.

Let’s examine that philosophy a little closer, using the most obvious 50/50 return; the flip of a coin. The odds say it will come up heads as many times as tails, however if you flip that coin 10 times, it might come up heads 6 times and tails 4 times, or even 7 heads and 3 tails, however flip that coin 1,000,000 times and more than likely you will see both close to 500,000. Over the long run it will play out to a 50/50 proposition, however in a short run anything is possible.

The 7 Best Exercises to Get You Lean and Fit in a Hurry

Do you want a ripped, lean and sexy body that is firm and healthy?

Of course you do.

These are 7 exercises that me and my clients have been using for years to get into peak physical condition. Anyone of these exercises can take you to a high level of fitness and fat burning such that your body becomes leaner than ever before.

What type of exercises get you lean?
If you want a lean and toned body then you need to work with exercises that are explosive and powerful. You need to challenge your body instead of hanging around on the same level for years at a time. Each one of these exercises is designed to push your limits so that you become a fat burning machine.

The 7 exercises

Each exercise should be given a good amount of attention. You can place it into your regular workout so that you do it regularly or you can make a workout out of a mixture of the exercises. They are hard but they work so make sure you are committed.

1. The jumping squat
The jumping squat is so explosive and challenging many people do it once and then never again. It works your entire lower body from your glutes right down to your calf muscles.

Crouching down and then springing into the air and repeating is an amazing way to blast your way out of your regular leg training workout. Not only that but it gets your heart rate up. Do enough of them and you will burn a lot of fat.

2. Hill sprints
This is my all time favorite exercise and to be honest it is the main reason I am as lean as I am. Running up hills puts a giant amount of stress on your whole body. Your lungs get pushed, your legs and back get beaten – it is a full on full body workout.

And I am not just talking about any old hill. I pick the steepest, longest and roughest hill I can find. Sprint up as fast as you can and then walk back down and repeat. Do this once or twice a week and you will be ripped and lean.

3. Wind sprints
Instead of going for your normal jog around the block try wind sprinting. This is where you sprint for a period of time and then slow back down to a normal jog before heading off on a sprint again. It pushes your limits and gets you into shape by keeping your heart rate up.

4. Machine rows
Rowing works out your whole back and shoulders as well as putting your legs under the pump. Add a big load of weight to the motion and you have got yourself a super workout. Any exercise that uses multiple muscles in one motion is going to be good for your fitness – especially when the muscles it uses are big ones like the back and legs.

5. Heavy bag boxing
Get yourself a heavy bag and start boxing. It is a full body workout that has particular benefits for your arms, chest and back. Have you ever seen a boxer that wasn’t ripped and lean? Not often. These guys work hard on the heavy bag. Boxing is a great way to burn fat and boost your fitness levels. It keeps your metabolism cranking all day which means you won’t store as many calories as usual.

6. Skipping
Another exercise I use a lot that I stole from boxing is rope jumping. Again, it is a full body workout that gets your heart racing and all your muscles working at once. This one is particularly good for the arms. Bruce Lee once said he thought skipping for 10 minutes was about the same as running for 30 minutes. Not bad.

7. Pushups
There are so many different varieties of push ups around the place. People think that weightlifting and resistance exercises are just for building strength and muscles but it isn’t true. If you set up a good routine of pushups done at a fast pace with good technique you can burn some fat as well as doing the above things. Experiment with different hand widths, leg heights, etc.

Here’s How You Can Rapidly Increase Your Endurance

Endurance is vital for many things. It is required in sport, martial arts, general fitness training, etc. However, many people do not know how to go about pushing their endurance beyond the ordinary limits. This post will show you how to rapidly increase your endurance levels.

How to rapidly increase your endurance

People often email me asking how to increase their endurance levels in a hurry. They might need to do so because there is an important sporting game coming up. Whatever the reason, I always tell them there are certain things you can do that allow you to boost your endurance beyond the ordinary.

This post will detail some of the ways I have increased my own endurance in a hurry as well as some tips and strategies for your own training. But first, a precise definition.

What is endurance?
Before we go into how to rapidly increase your endurance I want to take a look at a precise definition of endurance so that no one gets their wires cross with what I am talking about. It is always important to be specific with details when it comes to fitness.

Endurance, in relation to this post, means: the amount of time you can perform an aerobic activity without resting.

This might refer to a run or a sporting match or anything where you need to “keep going”.

Strategies for increasing your endurance
Now that we have that out of the way we can look at some of the strategies you can use to boost your endurance levels in a hurry.

1. Work with the time
If you don’t set yourself time limits when you exercise you run the risk of taking it too easy. You need to be able to monitor your progress and make sure that you are doing better than previous sessions.

For example, if you go for a run in the morning and you use the same track each time you need to make sure you are beating your time on a regular basis. Time how long it takes to run the track on Monday and then make sure your have beaten that time by Friday. This is one of the most basic and effective ways to increase your fitness and by doing so you will find that you can endure longer periods of exercise.

2. Work with the distance
In the same style as above, you need to make sure you are beating the distance on a regular basis as well. This is particularly important for endurance because the more distance you run the easier you will be able to complete smaller distances. It becomes really powerful when you mix points 1 and 2.

3. Change the way you workout
This is one of my favorite methods to increase your endurance and I think it is the true meaning of cross-training. When you do the same exercise day in, day out, your body becomes accustomed to that type of work and no longer finds it challenging. If, however, you throw a new exercise into the mix your body struggles and is forced to grow so that it can keep up. This is a great way to shock your system into getting fitter.

For example, if you are training for a soccer match where your legs will need to be ready to run hard for a long period of time you should mix your training with heavy leg weights and long distance runs. This means that your legs get used to and ready for both long distance running and explosive movements as well as the regualar pace running of the match.

4. Develop mental toughness
When I was first involved in a soccer finals campaign I started getting really nervous. I realized that the grand finale was just around the corner and I didn’t feel I was super fit. This panic sent me into a bit of a training frenzy – I trained harder and longer than I ever had before so I was ready for the day.

This taught me a big lesson as I realized that it was all in my mind. I wanted to train hard so I could win the grand final but that desire came from within. So, I tried to harness that power by developing mental toughness. I realized that if I wanted to be better than ordinary I needed to push myself all the time, not just at finals time.

How Do You Think Your Workouts – Trash or Treasure? Part 2

Just like the chair that I bought from the yard sale was trash to another person, I fixed it up a bit and my back felt much better in the end. My roommate was just doing the same thing.

When my exercise wasn’t working for him, he patched it up a bit until he found what works- and I imagine that this exercise made his back feel a lot better too.

Take the Right Advice

There’s both good and bad advice out there. But the thing is, good advice can be good for one person and it can be bad for another.

For the most part, our bodies are generally pretty similar to one another. We all need protein, a strong back to avoid injury, and plenty of rest and recovery.

But we might go about fulfilling those needs in slightly different ways. I’m not saying that you should ignore all the advice out there and just figure out what works for you. I am saying you should listen to good advice and then figure out what works for you.

Here are a few tips:

1) Try new things: This is a good rule for life in general. Experimentation leads to discovery (just be careful about what you experiment with). Who knows when you might discover something great. There’s more out there than just the bench press and bicep curls.

2) Experiment with multiple areas: Trying a new exercise isn’t the only change you can make. Try going from fast to slow movements, high reps to low, adjusting your rest between sets… Sometimes what you are changing isn’t as important as the fact that you are changing something.

3) Don’t go too far: Don’t stray too far away from the beaten path. Many others before you have learned what generally works for most people. There’s no reason for you to reinvent the wheel. You can learn a lot from those around you.

4) Know when to fix: The old adage never gets old- don’t fix it if it’s not broken. If you’re making great gains, there’s no need to try something just for the sake of trying it.

Nothing is more valuable than listening to what your body is telling you. If you’re giving it your all but still standing in the same place, it’s time to make some changes.

On the other hand, if your routine is working and you’re making great gains, then there’s no need to fix it, no matter what somebody tells you.

After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

How Do You Think Your Workouts – Trash or Treasure?

Hi, everyone. Today we will talk about Trash and Treasure. Are you exciting?

My wife is a real bargain shopper. Sometimes she takes me to all these yard sales on Saturdays to look at other people’s garbage.

She thinks it’s great… I hate it.

But sometimes I can realize something important about my workout from the strangest places.

Yes, I learned something from a yard sale. Hear me out though, I’m going somewhere with this. And no, I’m not going to tell you how I learned to do squats right by picking up a TV or something stupid like that.

I realized that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I bought an old office chair with a decent sized hole in the seam of it. I took it home, stapled it up and then put just a few inches of electrical tape over the seam.

It looks great and my back feels much better than it did with my old chair. I couldn’t be happier… It’s funny though, because it reminds me of something an old roommate of mine was doing in the gym that made his own back feel much better. It was a method I would have never used, but it worked for him.

Cutting Through the Trash

To me it seemed really silly… He was doing deadlifts holding onto a trap bar with parallel grips rather than doing the usual deadlift. Basically, instead of lifting a regular bar off the floor, he was using a special bar designed for shoulder shrugs to do his deadlift. That exercise seemed like nothing more than a piece of trash to me.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the exercise he was doing actually had some great reasoning behind it. Since he was so tall, the typical deadlift bar was lower to the ground for him than it was for me.

He started using the trap bar because the handles came up several inches on either side, and he was able to raise his shoulders higher and straighten out a bit more to get a better angle. The regular deadlift would put his back parallel to the floor.

I tried to persuade him to stick to the regular version of the exercise that was working well for me, but he just kept doing what worked for him. As he added weight to the bar week after week, I started to see the light of what he was doing.