5 Little-Known Methods to Make Running More Interesting

Running is the core of many people’s weight loss and fitness workouts. Surprisingly, however, I am learning more and more that people find their daily run boring, uninteresting and repetitive. Here are 5 simple ways you can jazz up your run so it is more interesting and fun.

5 ways to make running more interesting. Running does not have to be boring!

1. Get a nice pair of shoes
When I got my new running shoes I found running much more enjoyable because I loved wearing my new shoes! It might seem silly but when you have something comfortable to run in you are more likely to enjoy the act of running itself.

If you are like me and like to run in the park and through the streets you need a good pair of cross-trainers. I have found that are still the best running shoe on the market and will wear them again and again until something else steps up to the plate.

2. Get a good song

The workout music section is just about the most popular section of the whole site. People love their workout music because it really makes things a lot more enjoyable and intense.

The beat of a good song can make you run faster. It can inspire you or anger you or get you really emotional. Either way, if you put a good workout playlist in your iPod you are bound to find running more enjoyable. It basically getting you fit while you relax!

3. Run with more than three people
Whenever I go for a run with more than a couple of mates we always end up pushing ourselves like crazy and ending up completely exhausted because we all tried to outdo each other. Failing that, we end up having a hilarious time joking and telling stories while we jog – so much so that I often forget I am working out. The bigger the group the better the laughs!

4. Run by the water
In my home town we have so many creeks and lakes and rivers. We even have a big river running right through the middle of the inner city. The gardens and fountains around this city river are so beautiful and peaceful, you can hardly hear any cars or trucks at all. This is a really peaceful place to go for a jog and many business men and women spend their lunch breaks going for a nice jog instead of sitting in a boring cafe somewhere.

I find running by the water extremely enjoyable. It has something tribal about it and makes me feel like I am a warrior back in ancient time training for battle. I highly encourage everyone to find a nice creek or river near your place and jog there regularly.

5. Make running the secondary aim
This is so obvious that not many people think of it. When you play tennis you do a lot of running. When you play football you do a lot of running. Why, then, do people think that weight loss or fitness running has to take the form of long winded boring jogs?

It doesn’t.

If you make winning a game of soccer your primary aim you will find that you get a lot of running done without actually having to force yourself to do it.If you can find some way to shift your attention away from the sheer amount of playing online casino (check more advices for gamblers at casinoslots.co.nz)  each day you will find it much more enjoyable.


Running is an amazing form of exercise. It is so simple yet it can have some really amazing health and weight loss benefits. If you find yourself getting a bit bored with the usual jog you should try to spice it up by changing the usual formula. The run doesn’t have to take the same shape/place/form each time.