A Tour Through Manhattan

It takes you through all these different movies and shows you behind the scenes. It’s very interactive as well so I highly recommend checking this out. Also it’s free on Fridays from 4:00 to 8:00. Way better than those really busy places in Manhattan. Probably the biggest tourist trap of all in Times Square which is New Year’s Eve.

Now you may have seen this on TV it looks super glamorous and amazing with confetti falling down but that’s only for one moment. The rest of the time it’s terrible. You have to get here probably like 15 hours before everything starts. You’ll be fenced in an area and you can’t leave that area until the show starts. You just have to sit there and wait for the show to start.

A lot of people end up wearing diapers. The other option is doing one of the “great package deals” that restaurants will offer you here which are really terrible they’re extremely overpriced. Normally they’re around five hundred to a thousand dollars it can be more than that.

Times Square for New Year’s Eve not what it seems like just watch it on TV in your cozy house or at a bar it will be so much more fun that way and you won’t end up fenced in a corral, not being able to go to the bathroom for 15 hours. Do not, under any circumstances, take pictures with these costume characters like the one behind me. What they do is they’ll try to jump into your photo pretending like they just want to be in your photo and then what they do is they demand you to give them a tip and this tip will be like five to ten dollars. It’s terrible! and a lot of tourists fall for this and they feel like they’re obligated to pay them.

You’re not obligated to pay them so don’t pay them. Another thing that you’ll see all the time. You’ll be walking along the streets, like the guy behind me here it’s doing it, and they try to sell you a CD of their mixed tape. Don’t buy this. It’s a blank CD, they try to charge you like $20 for a mixtape and there’s nothing on it.

Okay? Don’t fall for these scams. They’re so dumb save your money.

These pedicabs right here are a scam. Don’t take them. they’re really expensive, and they don’t even get you places fast. Instead just take the subway. Literally no real New Yorkers take those pedicabs, so just don’t do it.

Instead of going to the overpriced Rockefeller Center ice rink, come here instead. This is Bryant Park they have tons of really fun activities all year long. Here you can skate for just 20 dollars and at Rockefeller Center it’s a lot more, plus you’ll be waiting in line for half the time. Do this one instead.

So that’s a wrap everyone, those are the worst tourist traps of New York City. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe, follow me on Instagram @sarahfunky, and I will see you next time.