Betting, WCG and ProTips: The eSports Show

Good afternoon, good evening or good morning depending on where in the world you are watching. It’s time for baking, scalding and steaks… err, I mean streaks. I’m Luke “Dorjan” Kneller and this is the International eSports show. LemmingBake, OdemJam, Liberty Egg; League of Liberty team 1 and 2 were both disqualified from competing in the Russian Wargaming League’s season 3 finals for match fixing.

The information passed from the bookies shows that a few players from LOL Team 1 and 2 betted against themselves. Not surprisingly; they lost these matches… Four players from League of Liberty Team 1, including TpTp and Captain Streko and BYRANTINO from League of Liberty Team 2 are now banned from all Wargaming Leagues and events for the next two seasons. LOL Team 1 is moved to the Silver League and cannot be promoted for Season 4 plus they lose 75% of their winnings amounting to 1312 US dollars and LOL Team 2 loses the right to participate in the season 3 finals but gets to stay in the Golden League and lose 25% of their earnings amounting to 350 dollars. This completely ruins LOL Team 1’s chances of getting to the grand finals even though they were one of the favorites.

Lesson to learn from this? Betting is all good and fun if done sensibly but don’t bet against yourself; ever. Virtus-cake, Nod-pie, Olive-Ace Continuing the bad news; CEO of World Cyber Games Inc., Brad Lee, has announced that they have lost their sponsor and have therefore cancelled all future tournaments. WCG began in 2000 as the “World Cyber Game Challenge” sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism and a high profile electronics company.

But after 14 years of successful competitions, things come to a close. Mr Lee makes clear that the brand name ‘WCG’ is still available for use, so there’s a silver lining to all this. PandaFace, Na`vi Tank, Syner-snack Some teams like hiding in Go4WoT; one such example is Virtus.Pro who renamed to Wild Boars just for this. Other teams, like DeNova have renamed to one of their sponsors instead.

So look closely when competing in Go4WoT and A-Series… you never know when a wild pro-team might appear. Also in A-Series; Freefall has at last been defeated by the LemmingTrain’s Super Pazie in a very tight match bringing their winning streak to an end at a total of 13, a record I don’t think anyone can break this season as it finishes in two weeks. Challenge accepted; next season of A-Series let’s see if we can get a higher streak as a collective community, OK? On that note I’ll wrap things up for today.

Let me know in the comments what is your longest win streak in A-Series or Team Battle mode; and don’t forget to leave your region at the same time. For this week’s ProTip we have the Comix from Team Efficiency from the Asian Region give you general team structure and game tips. See you next week. Hello everyone, I’m comix from Team Efficiency here to talk about general tips for Team Battles.

The DPS tournament teams came together to make a guide for the 7/42 battle format; brought to you by Deathskyz, Grivyn and myself. It’s linked in the description, but let me go over the main points The first thing to do with your 7 players is to split them into 3 groups: The Captain, otherwise known as the Battle Caller or FC, has the final say and commands the team during the battle. It is important that this person has the final say during battles as it’s too easy to get locked down in debates, the time for that is after the battle The second group are your main tier 8 players. They are the ones who must know what the Battle Caller expects from them. Initiative is the keyword here; every player must understand that the Caller is unable to see everything and each player must have the ability to be proactive and cooperate with their team. The last role assigned to your remaining players is the role of the T1 driver; Never underestimate the power of a Tier 1.

The tier 1’s are the eyes and early warning system of the team. They can even turn the tide of a battle by damaging or even killing enemy T8s from the side or rear. Let me give you some rules of thumb for Team Battles: First; always do a comms check to ensure everyone can hear and respond clearly Second; do not ever underestimate the enemy as this maybe your biggest downfall. Always treat the opposing team with respect; do not ever humiliate them no matter how bad they played against you. Learn the proper times to suggest ideas to the Battle Caller.

Every member of the team is important, regardless of their role. Learn what equipment and crew setup suits your tank and role you are going to be playing. Location, location, location.

Know where the enemy is before advancing or risk charging straight into an ambush. And lastly; some things to avoid during a Team Battle: Do not overcall your Battle Commander. Ensure clear battle comms as multiple people shouting does not help at all. Avoid scolding in the heat of battle, save it for the debriefing.

A stressed player does not get calmer with someone shouting in their headset. Remember this; Don’t give up. No matter how badly you were beaten by the enemy team, remember that all teams lose. Never stop learning. Be Humble in both victory and defeat.

Trust your team and they will trust you. I am Comix from Team Efficiency, good luck on the battlefield..