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Here’s How You Can Rapidly Increase Your Endurance

Endurance is vital for many things. It is required in sport, martial arts, general fitness training, etc. However, many people do not know how to go about pushing their endurance beyond the ordinary limits. This post will show you how to rapidly increase your endurance levels.

How to rapidly increase your endurance

People often email me asking how to increase their endurance levels in a hurry. They might need to do so because there is an important sporting game coming up. Whatever the reason, I always tell them there are certain things you can do that allow you to boost your endurance beyond the ordinary.

This post will detail some of the ways I have increased my own endurance in a hurry as well as some tips and strategies for your own training. But first, a precise definition.

What is endurance?
Before we go into how to rapidly increase your endurance I want to take a look at a precise definition of endurance so that no one gets their wires cross with what I am talking about. It is always important to be specific with details when it comes to fitness.

Endurance, in relation to this post, means: the amount of time you can perform an aerobic activity without resting.

This might refer to a run or a sporting match or anything where you need to “keep going”.

Strategies for increasing your endurance
Now that we have that out of the way we can look at some of the strategies you can use to boost your endurance levels in a hurry.

1. Work with the time
If you don’t set yourself time limits when you exercise you run the risk of taking it too easy. You need to be able to monitor your progress and make sure that you are doing better than previous sessions.

For example, if you go for a run in the morning and you use the same track each time you need to make sure you are beating your time on a regular basis. Time how long it takes to run the track on Monday and then make sure your have beaten that time by Friday. This is one of the most basic and effective ways to increase your fitness and by doing so you will find that you can endure longer periods of exercise.

2. Work with the distance
In the same style as above, you need to make sure you are beating the distance on a regular basis as well. This is particularly important for endurance because the more distance you run the easier you will be able to complete smaller distances. It becomes really powerful when you mix points 1 and 2.

3. Change the way you workout
This is one of my favorite methods to increase your endurance and I think it is the true meaning of cross-training. When you do the same exercise day in, day out, your body becomes accustomed to that type of work and no longer finds it challenging. If, however, you throw a new exercise into the mix your body struggles and is forced to grow so that it can keep up. This is a great way to shock your system into getting fitter.

For example, if you are training for a soccer match where your legs will need to be ready to run hard for a long period of time you should mix your training with heavy leg weights and long distance runs. This means that your legs get used to and ready for both long distance running and explosive movements as well as the regualar pace running of the match.

4. Develop mental toughness
When I was first involved in a soccer finals campaign I started getting really nervous. I realized that the grand finale was just around the corner and I didn’t feel I was super fit. This panic sent me into a bit of a training frenzy – I trained harder and longer than I ever had before so I was ready for the day.

This taught me a big lesson as I realized that it was all in my mind. I wanted to train hard so I could win the grand final but that desire came from within. So, I tried to harness that power by developing mental toughness. I realized that if I wanted to be better than ordinary I needed to push myself all the time, not just at finals time.