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The 7 Best Exercises to Get You Lean and Fit in a Hurry

Do you want a ripped, lean and sexy body that is firm and healthy?

Of course you do.

These are 7 exercises that me and my clients have been using for years to get into peak physical condition. Anyone of these exercises can take you to a high level of fitness and fat burning such that your body becomes leaner than ever before.

What type of exercises get you lean?
If you want a lean and toned body then you need to work with exercises that are explosive and powerful. You need to challenge your body instead of hanging around on the same level for years at a time. Each one of these exercises is designed to push your limits so that you become a fat burning machine.

The 7 exercises

Each exercise should be given a good amount of attention. You can place it into your regular workout so that you do it regularly or you can make a workout out of a mixture of the exercises. They are hard but they work so make sure you are committed.

1. The jumping squat
The jumping squat is so explosive and challenging many people do it once and then never again. It works your entire lower body from your glutes right down to your calf muscles.

Crouching down and then springing into the air and repeating is an amazing way to blast your way out of your regular leg training workout. Not only that but it gets your heart rate up. Do enough of them and you will burn a lot of fat.

2. Hill sprints
This is my all time favorite exercise and to be honest it is the main reason I am as lean as I am. Running up hills puts a giant amount of stress on your whole body. Your lungs get pushed, your legs and back get beaten – it is a full on full body workout.

And I am not just talking about any old hill. I pick the steepest, longest and roughest hill I can find. Sprint up as fast as you can and then walk back down and repeat. Do this once or twice a week and you will be ripped and lean.

3. Wind sprints
Instead of going for your normal jog around the block try wind sprinting. This is where you sprint for a period of time and then slow back down to a normal jog before heading off on a sprint again. It pushes your limits and gets you into shape by keeping your heart rate up.

4. Machine rows
Rowing works out your whole back and shoulders as well as putting your legs under the pump. Add a big load of weight to the motion and you have got yourself a super workout. Any exercise that uses multiple muscles in one motion is going to be good for your fitness – especially when the muscles it uses are big ones like the back and legs.

5. Heavy bag boxing
Get yourself a heavy bag and start boxing. It is a full body workout that has particular benefits for your arms, chest and back. Have you ever seen a boxer that wasn’t ripped and lean? Not often. These guys work hard on the heavy bag. Boxing is a great way to burn fat and boost your fitness levels. It keeps your metabolism cranking all day which means you won’t store as many calories as usual.

6. Skipping
Another exercise I use a lot that I stole from boxing is rope jumping. Again, it is a full body workout that gets your heart racing and all your muscles working at once. This one is particularly good for the arms. Bruce Lee once said he thought skipping for 10 minutes was about the same as running for 30 minutes. Not bad.

7. Pushups
There are so many different varieties of push ups around the place. People think that weightlifting and resistance exercises are just for building strength and muscles but it isn’t true. If you set up a good routine of pushups done at a fast pace with good technique you can burn some fat as well as doing the above things. Experiment with different hand widths, leg heights, etc.

How Do You Think Your Workouts – Trash or Treasure? Part 2

Just like the chair that I bought from the yard sale was trash to another person, I fixed it up a bit and my back felt much better in the end. My roommate was just doing the same thing.

When my exercise wasn’t working for him, he patched it up a bit until he found what works- and I imagine that this exercise made his back feel a lot better too.

Take the Right Advice

There’s both good and bad advice out there. But the thing is, good advice can be good for one person and it can be bad for another.

For the most part, our bodies are generally pretty similar to one another. We all need protein, a strong back to avoid injury, and plenty of rest and recovery.

But we might go about fulfilling those needs in slightly different ways. I’m not saying that you should ignore all the advice out there and just figure out what works for you. I am saying you should listen to good advice and then figure out what works for you.

Here are a few tips:

1) Try new things: This is a good rule for life in general. Experimentation leads to discovery (just be careful about what you experiment with). Who knows when you might discover something great. There’s more out there than just the bench press and bicep curls.

2) Experiment with multiple areas: Trying a new exercise isn’t the only change you can make. Try going from fast to slow movements, high reps to low, adjusting your rest between sets… Sometimes what you are changing isn’t as important as the fact that you are changing something.

3) Don’t go too far: Don’t stray too far away from the beaten path. Many others before you have learned what generally works for most people. There’s no reason for you to reinvent the wheel. You can learn a lot from those around you.

4) Know when to fix: The old adage never gets old- don’t fix it if it’s not broken. If you’re making great gains, there’s no need to try something just for the sake of trying it.

Nothing is more valuable than listening to what your body is telling you. If you’re giving it your all but still standing in the same place, it’s time to make some changes.

On the other hand, if your routine is working and you’re making great gains, then there’s no need to fix it, no matter what somebody tells you.

After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

How Do You Think Your Workouts – Trash or Treasure?

Hi, everyone. Today we will talk about Trash and Treasure. Are you exciting?

My wife is a real bargain shopper. Sometimes she takes me to all these yard sales on Saturdays to look at other people’s garbage.

She thinks it’s great… I hate it.

But sometimes I can realize something important about my workout from the strangest places.

Yes, I learned something from a yard sale. Hear me out though, I’m going somewhere with this. And no, I’m not going to tell you how I learned to do squats right by picking up a TV or something stupid like that.

I realized that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I bought an old office chair with a decent sized hole in the seam of it. I took it home, stapled it up and then put just a few inches of electrical tape over the seam.

It looks great and my back feels much better than it did with my old chair. I couldn’t be happier… It’s funny though, because it reminds me of something an old roommate of mine was doing in the gym that made his own back feel much better. It was a method I would have never used, but it worked for him.

Cutting Through the Trash

To me it seemed really silly… He was doing deadlifts holding onto a trap bar with parallel grips rather than doing the usual deadlift. Basically, instead of lifting a regular bar off the floor, he was using a special bar designed for shoulder shrugs to do his deadlift. That exercise seemed like nothing more than a piece of trash to me.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the exercise he was doing actually had some great reasoning behind it. Since he was so tall, the typical deadlift bar was lower to the ground for him than it was for me.

He started using the trap bar because the handles came up several inches on either side, and he was able to raise his shoulders higher and straighten out a bit more to get a better angle. The regular deadlift would put his back parallel to the floor.

I tried to persuade him to stick to the regular version of the exercise that was working well for me, but he just kept doing what worked for him. As he added weight to the bar week after week, I started to see the light of what he was doing.