Pawn Stars: Star Wars, Death Star Model

This is Star Wars set. Topps, they were the baseball card company at the time, and they said, well, we’ll do Star Wars cards. With kind of scenes, some character shots, stuff like this. That’s Hammill, Fisher, Ford.

The heroes, as they call them. OK. But they’re all signed? It’s like 300 out of 334, 335.

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With all the Star Wars hype going on, I thought I would show Rick some really nice high end pieces of mine, see if he wanted to buy them. You know, they sit in my safe, they’re not displayed. So maybe it’s time that someone else enjoys it too. OK. Pretty cool. What’s that?

Well, this is the next part of it. This is a signed poster. What you have here is probably one of the most complete cast signed pieces in existence. George Lucas is up here.

And then you also have Hammil. Kenny Baker is R2-D2. There’s Anthony Daniel, C-3P0. John Williams, who also did this in his own hand.

That’s the opening score to Star Wars right there. It’s about as rare as it gets. You have almost everybody assembled here that had anything to do with this film, all the key people are here. Oh my god. So what are all these worth?

Well, I would want in the ballpark of $75,000 to $100,000 for this set. Same thing on this. This 101 piece, this is $75,000. So you want $150,000 for both?

I do, yeah. It would take that much to get them out of my hands. You will pay $150,000. It’s not working? That’s the Jedi mind trick. I guess I don’t have it yet.

I mean, I’ll give you 100 grand for them. I mean, I got to make money on them, and it’s just– I get that. It’s a multi-year process.

And it’s expensive to sell. I’ll give you 100 grand. Can’t do it. Just hold on. I’ve got something else I think you’d like. It’s really spectacular too.

Trust me. – OK. And then I’ll try the Jedi mind trick again. – I’m back. – So what’s this?

This is like a board game? No. We talk about great pieces from Star Wars. This is actually one of them right here in your shop.

Basically, this is a screen used– Death Star section. Whoa. Pretty cool. But you’re still a gigantic nerd. Yes, of course. I’m OK with that.

I hear it enough, it’s good. This is a piece they used for kind of the close ups of the Death Star trench run. It’s a huge massive section. It’s like 24 by 12. It’s really one of the most unique pieces I own in my collection.

Bottom line on it is $25,000. If I’m able to actually net the full value for the Death Star piece, it’ll get me a quarter way to buying the Millennium Falcon, which is for sale now. So I’m really excited about trying to purchase that.

This is sweet. This is one of the coolest things I own. They used this to film the Death sequences.

Now I’ll explain it to you in non-geek speech. 1976, they have to film all these close UPS of the Death Star. You know, they’ve got this trench run to film where the ships are coming in.

Luke’s ultimate goal– or their ultimate goal is to blow up the Death Star. And you know, back then, it’s all practical effects. So in Van Nuys, California, where they had Industrial Light and Magic, ILM, they assembled these pieces, they fabricated them. And there’s pictures of them filming and blowing up a lot of these.

And that’s what they did with a lot of the stuff. A lot of these just didn’t survive. But this is one of the pieces they used.

Well, I mean, I can look at I, can see it. They used camera and depth of field and bright lighting, it would look like a Death Star. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

And where did you get it? This came directly from someone who worked on the film to his house to my collection. I mean, it’s pretty cool, dude.

It’s awesome. So what’s something like this worth? This piece here, just because based on its, rarity this one, I’m asking $25,000 for. I understand. Star Wars created this fascination that we have never had with a movie before, never.

I understand that. I just can’t see it ever looking like $25,000. Hey, I know. I mean, if you’re hurting for cash, I’ll give you 15.

No, I couldn’t take that. This is an amazing piece of film history. And not many of these survived. I know it’s sellable, for sure.

Sure you don’t want 15? No, I’m good. You wanna go have lunch?

Yeah, we could do that. I’ll make Chum Lee put this stuff away. OK, good. Thanks. You know, Rick offered me $15,000 for the Death Star section piece.

Actually, really good offer. I have to admit, I was a little tempted, but I kind of held to my price. And I’m glad I did. And you know, for now, it’ll just go back into my safe.