Sports Betting Tips and Strategies

Hello welcome everybody. Today, I’m gon na show you a unique Sports betting tips and strategies which will always give you a party on money back. So let’s check it out. As an example, I used everything Southampton at the lanta Torino and Metz to lose.

Now it doesn’t really matter if you know something about football, because the formula is based on simple mathematics.

So what we are looking for are equalizing games, so it could help you a little bit if you knew something about instanteft casinos canada but Indian, it doesn’t really matter what you were looking for are the highest arts. So if the arts of the home team and the visiting team are practically the same, these are the kind of games you want to use. So, as you can see, we have everything Southampton: 216, 275, 275 and to 64 FL and to Torino and Mets.

270, this gives us arts, 4, 1 X and X 2. What we need for a formula as you can see right there we are gon na need, make 8 combinations with 1 X and X 2 on our three games. So you take a budget like you know. It eros is what I did and I spent one year on every paper.

So now you can see, then I’m gon na make around 3 euros for every paper. So, in step 2, you can see that if none of the games that you predicted, if you try to predict, equalising games, keep that in mind your search for equalizing games and none of the games equalized. You want just come up in one paper around 3 euros.

So you lost 5 euros and what, if you will write one time and one game equalised? You are gon na win two papers so around six heroes and lose two euros still not good enough. But what, if you predict it really well and in two games equalised?

You were gon na win four papers and win 12 euros. So that’s four plus that’s nice already, but if he did a really good bet and three games equalized, you are winning the jackpot and that’s the 24 euros. So you triple your eight heroes and that’s what you were looking for. So if I could help you out with this formula thumbs up for the video and subscribe to my channel – and I will see you next time and thank you so much for watching.